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You can now receive/make donations anytime, anywhere with a simple text message! We proudly unveil the Text-to-Donate feature, a new addition to our WonderWe Pro platform.

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About the feature

Text-to-Donate is seamless, secure and swift. Donors can support Organizations of their choice directly through the text messaging app on their mobiles. Upon registration, anyone can simply text a donation amount to the Organization's dedicated Twilio number. The donation is then processed through the Donor's preferred credit card enabling organizations to raise funds promptly. In order to use the Text-to-Donate feature, Organizations are required to purchase a Twilio subscription, which is not part of the WonderWe Pro package.

New User One Time Donation

In this video, You will see How the New User can register with an organization and join the Donors list.This is a one-time process and your data is saved very safely to make your next donation very simple. Once your donation is accepted you will receive a success message as a confirmation.

New User Recurring Donation

In this video, you will Learn, how a New User can choose the recurring donation option, while being a first time registering with an organization.A donor can parallelly register |himself or herself with the organization and be a recurringdonor by contributing their fund.As soon as your payment is accepted, Donor will receive the Success message to the registered mobile number.

Existing User Recurring Donation

In this video, a donor will learn about, how an existing user can be part of the recurring donors list by registering themselves as a recurring donor for certain time intervals and Duration.After a donor defines his time and fund with the organization the payment will be automated for every next donation amount till the time duration is completed.For Every transaction the donor will receive a success message to their registered mobilenumber.

Clearing The Chat History

In the above video, a Donor can clear the chat messages by typing a command called "Clear" to process the Donation, later or after some time.

Twilio Configuration

Procedure to set-up Twilio Account and Configure Webhook URL is as follows:

  • Log into Twilio to set-up your Twilio Account.
  • Go to the Console's Numbers page.
  • Click on the phone number you'd like to modify.
  • Find the Messaging section and the "A MESSAGE COMES IN" option.
  • Select "Webhook" and paste the URL https://pro.wonderwe.com/twilio/sms/webhook.

Frequently Asked Questions


The details of donations received are visible as a list feature on the Transaction History page on the Organization Dashboard.
Organizations can begin by configuring their Twilio account with WonderWe Pro. A step-by-step procedure is explained in the above video for Twilio Registration.
The organization’s Text-to-Donate number is available in the About tab on the Organization Public Page at WonderWe Pro.
Text-to-Donate is a convenient donation channel since the completion of transaction generally takes a few minutes. While donors can give from anywhere, organizations can collect the funds immediately. Data capture is also seamless and secure. most.


Donors are generally required to provide their name, contact number, email, credit/debit card information and billing address.
The Payment Methods are dependent on the provider that the organizations are using. However, all major debit/credit/international cards are usually accepted.
Donors are not charged any fee other than the amount they donate. For example: If you donate $10, your credit card will be debited by only $10, not a penny more. Any additional charges will depend on the mobile carrier and the plan chosen by the donors.
Donations can be initiated by sending a text message to the Organization’s Twilio number. A simple registration link is provided during the chat process to begin the donation procedure.
Absolutely! It only takes a few extra clicks during the text-to-donate process for the donors to set up recurring donations that can be made every week, month or quarter.
Kindly contact the support team (support@wonderwe.com) to stop recurring donations. You may also reach out to us at 9137088426.


In addition to receiving donations easily and almost instantly, owning a Twilio account enables organizations to: Pay as per use of service; Message or call anyone, anywhere, at any time and also be assured of a guaranteed highest level of security.
Organizations are advised to contact the support teams at either Twilio or WonderWe Pro to enquire about the same. Chances are also likely that their twilio plan is over and is up for an upgrade.
Twilio allows users to make & receive phone calls, and send & receive text messages.
Upon signing up, Twilio offers a trial, which includes a free balance for users to experiment with. When your balance is getting low, Twilio will send you a notification with information to upgrade your account.

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